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Have your monthly supply of medication delivered right to your doorstep every month for no additional cost,
upto 15% cheaper than your neighborhood pharmacy 

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● Share prescription on whatsapp with +91 8977006597
● Confirm Order
● Free home delivery
● Login and press the re-order button for automatic reordering every month
● Earn points for every refill
● Refer our service to your friends and you can both earn upto Rs. 300 per successful referral 

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Mobirise Website Builder

Switch to a Personalised Pharmacy today

● Upto 15% cheaper than going to your neighborhood medical store
● Free home delivery saves you the time and effort of making a trip to the store
● Automatic reminders allow you to plan your medication so that you never run out
● We can source everything you need in one place, you never have to visit multiple pharmacies if something is out of stock 


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You receive a referral reward of Rs. 300

● Refer Digi-Prex to a friend who would benefit from our subscription pharmacy
● Share their contact number on whatsapp with us at +91 8977006597
● When the referred customer places their first order both you and the first time customer receive Rs. 300

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